Working with movie production teams to enhance their projects

Movies / VFX

Working with movie production teams to enhance their projects

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How does the Movies / VFX industry benefit from 3D Laser Scanning, Topography and Photogrammetry ?

Movie companies can utilize laser scanning services to enhance their visual effects and set design processes. By laser scanning real-world locations or objects, detailed 3D models can be created, allowing for accurate replication and integration into the movie's CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) scenes. Furthermore, film sets can benefit from laser scanning as well. Movie sets are often extremely detailed and take a lot of work to create. Having a set laser scanned enables a set to be digitally preserved, and the set can now be replicated digitally and used in editing and VFX processes.

Highly Detailed Scans & Models
Highly Detailed
Scans & Models
The Most Precise Measurements
The Most Precise Measurements
Clearly Defined Results On Time Delivery
Clearly Defined Results
On Time Delivery

Applications of 3D scanning for MOVIES / VFX include:

Having the most up to date measurements is essential to securing the efficient remodel process, as architecture and construction companies commonly find the existing conditions of a structure often do not reflect the most current Revit or CAD model
Set digital preservation

Using high precision scanners we can scan and collect millions of data points on complex movie sets, to create digital replicas. These replicas can then be imported into editing / VFX software and used for a variety of purposes.

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