What is 3D Laser Scanning?

3D Laser Scanning is a state-of-the-art method of geospatial recording which uses lasers to measure incredibly accurate and detailed 3D models of topography, buildings and complexes. Our 3D scanners and cameras collect millions of data points and images with each scan, which we then format into a number of actionable deliverables – TruView™, AutoCAD® files, Civil 3D® surface files, high-resolution photos – to be used at virtually any stage of a new construction, renovation or large engineering project.

Leica 3D Laser Scanner

Put simply, our scans and models give architects and engineers the most precise measurements possible.

Do I Need 3D Laser Scanning?

Precise Point Data, Inc. serves professionals involved with new construction, civil and structural engineering. Our services are applicable at any stage of a construction project, from initial planning and site selection to As-Built verification. Many of our clients prefer to take multiple scans throughout the build, as they’ve discovered innumerable time and cost-saving benefits to having the best information on hand at all times.

Benefits of 3D laser scanning include:

  • Precision Accuracy: our scanners collect 1 million points of data per second, resulting in high-resolution models of extraordinary accuracy.
  • Speed and Efficiency: getting the most out of each scan significantly reduces field time and eliminates the need for multiple visits.
  • Cost Savings: identify errors as they happen and before they become costly mistakes.
  • Software Ready: deliverables integrate seamlessly with industry-leading software: TruView™, AutoCAD®, Civil 3D®.
  • Absolute Verification: quantify volumes, inspect grading and confirm your project specs. Scanning keeps your team and vendors accountable.

We’re certain that once you try 3D laser scanning on your project, you will never go back to traditional methods again. Discover the difference first hand by Requesting a Proposal today.