Laser Scanning Services

We founded our company with the goal of providing construction and engineering professionals truly useful information at every stage of their projects. To achieve this, we have developed comprehensive, beginning-to-end 3D laser scanning services with clearly defined results delivered on time and with the highest standard of accuracy.

Our laser scanning services include:

3D Laser Scanning of Buildings / Building Information Modeling (BIM)

We collect millions of data points with every scan to create the most detailed and accurate 3D models of buildings available on the market today. Point cloud data integrates with AutoCAD® drawing files and can be viewed in real time using the free Leica TruView™platform.

Our scans are an effective progress monitoring tool when employed throughout the build, allowing project managers to identify errors before they reach that costly “point of no return,” saving our clients millions of dollars in aggregate.

3D As-Builts and Verification

With years of experience in construction and scanning, we know just how different a design and a finished building can be. Our laser scans deliver remarkably precise As-Built documentation you can use to verify the accuracy of your team’s work, prepare your case for any needed permitting, schedule and plan renovations and so much more.

3D Laser Scanning of Topography

Successful construction begins with knowing the lay of the land. Rather than relying on the “snapshot” approach of traditional methods, scanners produce detailed 3D topographical maps composed of millions of individual data points. Then, we provide the Civil 3D® Surface file..

Topographic Monitoring and Verification

Topographical changes throughout construction can have a significant impact on the final results and cost of the project. Developers rely on Precise Point Data, Inc. to provide accurate and unbiased topographical data, grading and material volumes at any stage of the build to ensure contractor and vendor expectations are set and above board.