Structural Building Scans

It only takes one job to convince the engineers and their teams that 3d laser scanning is the way of the future. One project, and they never want to go back to traditional methods again.

That’s because structural building scans powered by our state-of-the-art 3D laser scan technology produce the most accurate and feature-complete building models available on the market. And with more information comes better quality work at every link in the chain. The benefits of 3D laser scanning for structural engineers are numerous:

  • Accuracy and Detail: our 3D models are highly accurate, with detailed renderings of real space that make visualizing a project easier for all involved, minimizing confusion and miscommunication.
  • Safety / Low-Impact: lasers can go where traditional tools cannot, allowing structural engineers to scan more of a total building, including at-risk or inaccessible areas, than ever before.
  • Speed: we can take a project from initial scan to fully realized 3D model in a fraction of the time engineers expect from the old way of doing things. That means more time is available for analysis, planning and actual work, with significant reduced downtime at the site.
  • Seamless Technology: our deliverables integrate with the latest versions of AutoCADĀ®. We give structural engineers the best data possible and give them access to that data within the tools they already know and understand.

To see the kind of data our structural engineer clients use to make their work better, request a structural sample below.