3D Laser Scanning for Construction Contractors

As 3D laser scanning becomes more sought after by Architecture-Engineering-Construction (AEC) professionals at every stage of construction, general contractors have discovered the considerable benefits that laser scanning and modeling can bring to their work. Many contractors now go beyond scan data provided at the design phase and execute additional scans throughout the project to ensure the quality of their build.

Applications of 3D laser scanning for construction contractors include:

  • Progress Monitoring: scanning a site at key points during the build is the surest way to determine a project is on track and on spec, down to the smallest detail.
  • Error Prevention / Loss Protection: errors early in a project can lead to massive expenses down the road. The extreme accuracy of our 3D laser scans lets contractors identify potential errors before they get “set in stone,” avoiding upwards of millions of dollars of lost time and capital over the lifetime of a project.
  • Assess Quantities: scans can be used to set a standard reporting method for excavation material quantities, with precision measurements.
  • Renovation Planning: seeing “the whole picture” before beginning a renovation project allows the General Contractor to avoid potential roadblocks and mishaps and to deliver on projects more efficiently and on budget.

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