Laser Topography Scans for Civil Engineers

Civil engineers face numerous unique challenges throughout each new construction or infrastructure project: unpredictable and deceptive topography, poorly managed excavation and quantities, and sometimes the sheer size of the project area. The more ground a project covers, the more time and resources the engineer must exhaust before work begins, while also creating more opportunities for errors in the process.

3D laser scans and topography mapping by Precise Point Data, Inc. eliminates all of the above, allowing civil engineers to produce cleaner, more accurate work and avoid the sometimes costly risks of contractors making calls in the field.

Applications of 3D laser scanning for civil engineers include:

  • Topography Mapping: scanners produce topographies of even very large construction sites with considerably higher quality and in a fraction the time of traditional methods. Comprehensive models eliminate the guesswork of site planning, drainage planning, etc.
  • Civil 3D® 2017 Surface Files: AutoCAD® drawing files come complete with integrated Civil 3D® packages with detailed topographical data.
  • Stockpile Quantitiesour scans be be used to set a standard reporting method for material quantities that will be consistent and accurate throughout the lifecycle of a project, eliminating vendor disputes.
  • Site Maintenance: as infrastructure ages, the simple act of finding integrity concerns can be as time-consuming and costly – and therefore, as difficult to fund – as the eventual fixes. The extraordinary detail of our 3D models allows civil engineers to identify existing and potential threats early, before the damage progresses and costs skyrocket.
  • Bridges / Storm Structures: The immense size of bridges and storm structures makes assessing structural integrity both risky and incredibly challenging. Our 3D laser scans offer a fast, safer and better method of analyzing these structure down to their every nook and cranny.
  • Overhead Clearances: Misjudging overhead clearances is one of the leading causes of workplace accidents involving cranes and heavy equipment. 3D laser scanning gives engineers and contractors a complete picture of the available clearance, down to the smallest detail.

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