3D Scanning: Architecture, Buildings, Refurbishments, As-Builts

3D laser scanning is on the brink of revolutionizing the architectural design industry, as more architects every day discover the incredible difference that working from a fully realized 3D building model can have on their work, whether in the beginning stages of a new design, mapping a refurbishment or performing As-Built verification.

Applications of 3D scanning for architects include:

  • Remodels / Refurbishments / Retrofits: even the most thorough manual site inspection can’t come close to the information provided in a single scan. Precise Point Data’s 3D models include building information down to the minutia, allowing for superior planning with less mishap or miscommunication.
  • Less Field Time: architects determined to get every detail right often find themselves returning to sites again and again to take yet more photography, never leaving with a truly complete picture. 3D laser scans provide the whole story in a single visit, meaning architects can spend less time in the field and more time finalizing their designs.
  • Less Site Interference: 3D scanning architecture is much faster and less obstructive than traditional methods, reducing both down time at the site and potential hazard time for the field team.
  • Seamless Technology: our deliverables integrate with the latest versions of AutoCAD®. This seamless integration simplifies the mundane “busywork” of architectural design and allows architects to do their work within their preferred toolsets.
  • Project Monitoring: 3D laser scanning is used throughout construction to identify potential errors before they reach the point of incurring substantial costs and time loss to fix.
  • As-Built Documentation: Verify the quality and accuracy of the final product with an As-Built laser scan, often essential for historical preservation, identifying problems with the build and negotiating the completion of a contract.

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