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How do game designers benefit from 3D Laser Scanning, Topography and Photogrammetry ?

Gaming companies can utilize laser scanning technology to enhance the realism and authenticity of their game environments. By capturing real-world objects, landscapes, and architectural details through laser scanning, game developers can turn real world objects into virtual world objects with extreme accuracy. Laser scanning enables the precise replication of textures, shapes, and dimensions that provide a more immersive gaming experience.

Highly Detailed Scans & Models
Highly Detailed
Scans & Models
The Most Precise Measurements
The Most Precise Measurements
Clearly Defined Results On Time Delivery
Clearly Defined Results
On Time Delivery

Applications of 3D scanning for GAME DESIGNERS include:

Having the most up to date measurements is essential to securing the efficient remodel process, as architecture and construction companies commonly find the existing conditions of a structure often do not reflect the most current Revit or CAD model
Seamless Technology

The point clouds and meshes generated through our scanning can be directly imported into leading gaming technology like Unreal Engine 5 or NVIDIA Omniverse.

Architects determined to get every detail right often find themselves returning to sites again and again to take one more measurement or to get one more photo
Object Scanning

Using high precision scanners we can scan and collect millions of data points on objects like trucks, cars and planes to create digital replicas for the video game.

Additionally a high-quality point cloud or photogrammetry mesh can be captured during the construction process and aligned with a model to effectively monitor building progress
Scan to mesh

Game designers often find that a mesh in an OBJ or FBX format is easy to work with. After having something 3D laser scanned, our team of experts can mesh the point cloud and turn the real world object or setting into a high quality textured mesh.

Having a building laser scanned will provide a 3D point cloud. This cloud is a visual tool that can be “flown through” to visualize the asset. This can be utilized in board meetings or other decision-making processes.
Create Game Environments

Using drone and terrestrial scanner technology we can scan buildings, sets, or other large areas to be directly imported into software like Unreal Engine 5 and made into game environments.

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