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How do Civil Engineers benefit from 3D Laser Scanning, Topography and Photogrammetry ?

Civil engineers can receive extensive benefits by utilizing laser scanning technology in their work. Laser scanning enables engineers to capture precise 3D existing conditions measurements of infrastructure, aiding in the assessment and analysis of structures for maintenance, renovation, or retrofitting purposes. Additionally, laser scanning can be used to generate detailed topographic maps, assisting civil engineers in accurate terrain modeling and site analysis for infrastructure development projects. The adoption of laser scanning by civil engineers will significantly improve project efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance their decision-making processes.

Highly Detailed Scans & Models
Highly Detailed
Scans & Models
The Most Precise Measurements
The Most Precise Measurements
Clearly Defined Results On Time Delivery
Clearly Defined Results
On Time Delivery

Applications of 3D scanning for Civil Engineers include:

Having the most up to date measurements is essential to securing the efficient remodel process, as architecture and construction companies commonly find the existing conditions of a structure often do not reflect the most current Revit or CAD model
LiDAR Topographic Map

Aerial LiDAR topography surpasses traditional ground-based methods with its ability to cover large areas efficiently and collect highly accurate elevation data. It enables the capture of millions of points of topographic information from providing precise elevation models and maps crucial for applications in property development and infrastructure planning.

Architects determined to get every detail right often find themselves returning to sites again and again to take one more measurement or to get one more photo
Civil 3D Surface

The LiDAR topography data can be used to create and provide a Surface file with contour lines.

Having a building laser scanned will provide a 3D point cloud. This cloud is a visual tool that can be “flown through” to visualize the asset. This can be utilized in board meetings or other decision-making processes.
Seamless Integration

Our point clouds integrate with leading civil software like Civil 3D and AutoCAD. Simply import the provided point cloud directly into the software.

Our Point clouds incorporate ground control, meaning that they can be aligned and placed on a client's existing model coordinate plane.
Placed on your coordinate system

Our Point clouds incorporate ground control, meaning that they can be aligned and placed on a client’s existing model coordinate system.

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