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How do management companies benefit from 3D Laser Scanning, Topography and Photogrammetry ?

Management companies can leverage laser scanning technology to streamline their operations and improve facility management. By conducting laser scans of properties, they can create accurate 3D models that aid in space planning, asset management, and maintenance scheduling. Laser scanning also allows for efficient documentation of properties, enabling management companies to track changes, detect potential issues, and make data-driven decisions for optimal resource allocation and tenant satisfaction.

Highly Detailed Scans & Models
Highly Detailed
Scans & Models
The Most Precise Measurements
The Most Precise Measurements
Clearly Defined Results On Time Delivery
Clearly Defined Results
On Time Delivery

Applications of 3D scanning for Management Company include:

Having the most up to date measurements is essential to securing the efficient remodel process, as architecture and construction companies commonly find the existing conditions of a structure often do not reflect the most current Revit or CAD model
Property Management

Property managers can leverage the visual nature of a 3D point cloud, to “fly through” and inspect buildings. This would allow employees to measure structures, plan maintenance or provide information to contractors without leaving the office.

Architects determined to get every detail right often find themselves returning to sites again and again to take one more measurement or to get one more photo
Less Field Time

Management companies often find themselves returning to buildings again and again in order to take one more measurement or to get one more photo for maintenance. 3D laser scanning accurately captures the dimensions and images of an entire site in a single visit. Meaning management companies can efficiently save time spent on site visits.

Additionally a high-quality point cloud or photogrammetry mesh can be captured during the construction process and aligned with a model to effectively monitor building progress
Spatial planning

Once a building has been scanned, the point cloud will provide accurate dimensions of the entire structure. This data allows management companies to analyze the spatial possibilities of what the building could be used for.

Having a building laser scanned will provide a 3D point cloud. This cloud is a visual tool that can be “flown through” to visualize the asset. This can be utilized in board meetings or other decision-making processes.
Progress monitoring

Using drone photogrammetry a mesh can be captured during the building construction or renovation process. This will allow management and contractors to “fly through” a 3D representation of the job and inspect maintenance or construction progress.

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